Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our First Day on the Salt

I am exhausted from a fun day on the Salt but we figured it would be good to do a post to update everyone as to how it's going. We rolled in this morning and dropped some of our tools, etc to mark our pit area and got in line for tech. Kyle and I had our motorcycles in the race trailer behind the RV and Wes from Four Aces had his bike and the Salt Ghost on his 3 rail trailer. Tech line went quickly, I would say 45 minutes from getting in line to being done, though I had expected much longer.

Tech was a breeze, both of us having read through the rules and put so much time into dialing in our bikes, we each had 1 thing to fix, and it happened we had the same issue. We both had cutaway primary covers and apparently they weren't happy with the exposed clutch pressure plates. I had forgotten to bring assorted steel and aluminum stock but was able to get some 1/8" aluminum strap from the first guy I asked; people are so nice and accommodating at Bonneville.

We both were able to make some guards out of the aluminum and bolt them to our primary covers and successfully appease the Techs. Kyle got his bike tuned and running good for his Rookie run tomorrow while I got my bike to the line for gas a bit late and so I have to get in line tomorrow morning at 7am to get filled up. There is a Driver's Meeting at 9am followed by the Rookie meeting, and then racing begins at 10am. We each get to do our Rookie Run, where you are not supposed to totally kill it, but take it easy and get used to the bike and the Salt. We'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

GEZ in the UK

shawn - Imperial House said...

Good stuff! I can see we're gonna have to fix those number plates. Good luck!

Ellis said...

Sickness....hope you guys have as good a time as Greg did at the Lakewood Car Kulture show.