Monday, August 9, 2010

Airstrip Tests, Second Go

We loaded our bikes up early this morning and headed back to the airstrip for some more test runs just days before we hit the road to Bonneville. It was a perfect morning weather-wise for it, we unloaded the bikes and set up to run. I started my bike and did a first run as a baseline for some fine tuning, and it went pretty well, just a little break-up in my mid-range, but the bike handled great and no issues.
I got back and started to make adjustments while Tyler fired his bike up...slight problem, it was kicking back pretty bad. He realized that in doing some work on his bike yesterday the timing probably got thrown off and since we didn't have the proper tools or time this morning he wouldn't get to run. A pretty big bummer for him but better here than the first day on the Salt.

I got to run my bike a half a dozen more times in between the planes taking off and landing before we had to clear out. Back to the shop, get some work done then any last minute adjustments on our bikes before they go into the trailer. Tomorrow we will load the trailer up and then off to Utah! Cheers, Kyle

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Tyler said...

Yeah it sucks, my alloy mag gear must have moved a few teeth and I didn't realize it. All I was getting was backfires occasionally, it took me a few kicks and I realized my timing must be off as it usually fires right up. Reset the magneto timing and got it all buttoned back up so am good to go now.