Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pulled the Head Off My Green Race Bike

Finally had some time to work on my bike since getting back from Bonneville a week ago. Pulled the head off to take a look, as I know I bent the right hand exhaust valve when preparing to do a back-up record run. Piston crowns look fine, cylinder walls look great, no issues there. But I can tell that my right exhaust valve was having an affair with the piston, it just slightly kissed it. What a harlot.

No real damage though, head is boxed up and already shipped off to Wes at Four Aces Cycle to go through, also sent him my Chronometric Tachometer to be rebuilt. I am having him put together an identical spare head for me too, it is a chunk of change to have sitting around, but it could save the heartache of being at Bonneville but not being able to run because of an issue like I already had.


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Diesel said...

Good thinking. Half way through my re-build right now as well. I find nothing eats up a bank account quite like a LSR bike and a pending deadline.

Good Luck.