Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Lowbrow Customs: Todd

This is the first in an installment of posts I will do over the next couple weeks introducing you to the people who work here at Lowbrow Customs. First up, Todd. He is a friend I met when I was selling a pre unit Triumph project a few years back. If you call Lowbrow, he is the guy you will be talking to! With his 25+ years experience with British motorcycles and 10+ years as a professional HD mechanic he is well versed in two-wheeled machines. In his own words:

"I was born in upstate New York just across the Hudson River from Woodstock. I have been interested in motorcycles from an early age, all my friends rode in motocross races, but I could not afford a bike. I moved to California when I was 18 and that is where I fell in love with British motorcycles. I rode my 1963 BSA A-10 all over the San Diego beach areas and I still own that bike today! I moved to Oregon in 1989 and lived in the mountains, no electricity or phones. I was also a grateful Dead fan and did many cross country trips, during one of my tours I saw an
ad in a mag for MMI so I thought why not and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I ended up in Ohio working at a H-D dealership for over 10 years.

Todd's personal garage with a line of Triumph builds in-progress

I met up with Tyler about 4 years ago when I purchased a pre-unit Triumph from him. When he offered me the chance to join the Lowbrow crew just after the start of this year I jumped at the hance. I have been riding, wrenching and racing Triumph and BSA for 25+ years. I have been rebuilding stock Brit customs and bobbers for the last 10 years. I am currently working on a 1956 Triumph T-bird bobber conversion and several other unit Triumph bobbers.

- Todd

P.S. If I didn’t have the most beautiful and understanding wife in the world, I wouldn’t be doing the things I love."

Todd's garage.. You can see he has bikes on the brain even when he isn't working here!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greg's XS650 in The Horse Backstreet Choppers

Our close friend, Greg, tore down and re-built his XS650 from the ground up last year. What was a hardtail XS650 with a stock motor that he took on El Diablo Run in 2008 is now a custom-built chopper teeming with one-off parts with a built Yamaha motor including big bore kit, hot cam, dual Mikunis, racing clutch, and more. This bike dyno'd at almost 80 hp! Greg took his bike up to The Horse Backstreet Choppers headquarters in Michigan and the Horse's own Jordan Zielke shot the photos for the magazine coverage and calendar. We liked Greg's bike and Jordan's photos so much that we decided to use them in some of our banner ads on ChopCult. A big thanks goes out to Jordan for the use of his photos!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Sissy Bar In The Works

I have never made a sissy bar before, and I have spent the last 3 evenings doing just that. I also had never welded stainless before. This is the 2nd incarnation, a full 12" (!) shorter than the first version. 36" didn't seem so tall til it was sitting on my fender. Anyway.. 9/16" 304 Stainless Steel that will be polished up to a mirror finish. I still have to sort out the mounts to the fender, the plan is to tackle that late night tomorrow then move on to the exhaust. About 32 days from now this bike will be headed to California and I will be doing El Diablo Run, so I hope to be riding this bike in 2 weeks!

Lowbrow Customs: New Distributor for S&S Cycle

Lowbrow Customs is proud to announce that we are now a distributor for a company that needs no introduction, S&S Cycle. We now have in stock many commonly needed parts, jets, gasket kits and more for their popular line of carburetors with more on the way. S&S is located in Viola, Wisconsin, USA and is proud to offer 100% American-made products.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well I guess there comes a time in every mans life where he needs to say goodbye to old friends. For some its a bad hip keeping them from walking 18 holes on the golf course, for others its the fact all the bourbon abuse leads them to bid farewell to Mr Jack Daniels.
Yeah well... none of that applies to me. Im just ready to move on.
Ive owned this bike for many years and we've shared many a road together. Just finished up on the motor rebuild got me to thinking, someone else should carry the torch for this old girl. Ive had my fun with her and shes still pretty tight... So here she is up on the selling block.

-Fresh motor
-Brand NEW Amal Carbs,
-New pushrods,
-All new gaskets
-Boyer Elec. Ignition
-Paint is pristine and Chrome is all good
Asking 4500 but easily persuaded
trades for Harley, Triumphs, Dirtbikes, Slab Shovel/Pan Motors and Classic Cars or Trucks
-Marco email:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Fender & Solo Seat Mounted

I have been working on my bike pretty much every night, as I need to get it done and get miles on it, and soon! El Diablo Run is coming up Cinco de Mayo and this is the bike I am riding! I got the Haifley Brothers solo seat mounted last week with the help of a cast stainless Biltwell seat pivot and some of our springs and spring mounts. Tonight I mounted the Gasbox 18" fender and am now ready to start working on bending up the sissy bar that will support the rear of the fender, give a nice place to strap gear, and look bitchin'.

Before I mounted the fender I got the 4 speed transmission in place and the primary more-or-less adjusted and put a rear chain on and adjusted that to the proper tension. I then put another chain over the tire and set the fender on it to give me even clearance along the radius of the fender. Top mount was nice and easy, one of our 1" diameter coped 3/8"-16 threaded bungs was a perfect fit. Bolt from inside the fender threads right in.

I used the stock HD lower fender mount tab and turned down an aluminum ribbed spacer and this was through-bolted. I will use a button head allen going through from inside the fender and then cross-drill and cotter pin just after the nut to ensure I don't have any bolts rattling loose. This weekend I should get the sissy bar done (hope hope) so stay tuned!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Imperial House71: Help JAPAN

"I have had the situation in Japan on my mind, as I am sure many others have. In talking about the devastation with others, it became painfully obvious that a lot of people really want to help but they have no surety of how or to whom they should direct their contributions. So, with that being said, I set out to create this original painting, using water color and one shot. As clearly depicted in this print, the red circle of Japan’s flag, (which is historically symbolic of the sun; warmth, and brightness) is being overtaken by the cracks from the outer edge of the print, (representative of the 9.0 earthquake that triggered the devastating tsunami.) With the final touch being the single tear falling from the heart of a country as a silent cry for help.

The goal in creating this painting was to put together a striking image that would help keep the plight in Japan at the forefront of our minds, while also creating an avenue for people to donate to help Japan. With the help of C & C Quality Printing, Inc., I will be offering high quality, signed and numbered, 15” x 20”, limited edition prints.

These prints are available for a minimum donation of $20 and will ship within 2 weeks of donations being placed.

ALL proceeds will be going to a program called “Socks for Japan”, and the Japanese Red Cross Society."

To make a donation, or for more information, go to

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hippy Killer Back in Stock!

Hey guys, I just updated the site and we got a bunch of Hippy Killer parts and shirts back in stock, it has been awhile but Kutty sent us a few big boxes, get it while you can!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Save the Date - Saturday May 7th at Ace Motorcycle and Scooter Co.
More info available on the Ton-Up Club Chicago website!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

BSA Chopper Build at Canada's Only High School Chopper Class!

Mazz is the teacher / manager of the BMHS Bike Klub at Bernice MacNaughton High School, Canada's only high school chopper class. He sent us some photos of their BSA build-in-progress, with parts donated from Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Inc., Elswick Cycles, and many others, check out their website for more info. The bike is looking killer, we just sent them a bunch of cloth-covered wire so I imagine we will be seeing some photos of the finished bike soon enough!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Steve's Swingarm Triumph Chopper

"Hey Lowbrow Crew,
Great blog and site- some amazing work you're doing! Just wanted to take a quick second of your time to let you know how things on the miserable and cold East Coast are...
I'm sending some pics of my 1966 TR6 swingarm chopper - my good friend Harley did all the design, paint and body work; our friend Kenji did the lettering and striping, and the motor, electrical and plumbing was done by an old timer named Travis here in CT.

Naturally, the bike is chock-a-block full of frantically ordered Lowbrow parts. I will say that out of all the 10 million things that held up the completion of this beauty, working with and ordering from Lowbrow was NOT one of those hold-ups. Shipping was fast and safe, as always.
More details and pics of this ripper on my buddy Harley's blog, 'damned to be free':
keep up the great work,
Steve Karp
CT, East Coast, USA"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Child Sized Motorcycle Helmets.. the next big thing?

Why should your child have to sit at home when you are out riding your chopper? Now you can slap one of these child sized helmets on them, set them in your lap and off you go, safe as can be! Before I get angry emails, that is just a joke! However, the rad helmet that custom painter Shawn Long of Imperial House 71 sent me as a gift for my daughter is the real deal.

My daughter Darly June has been going to bike shows and around motorcycles daily since she was born. She may choose ballet or tap dancing over motorcycle riding and dirt bikes anyway, but just in case this vintage Arthur Fulmer child-sized helmet is around to give her inspiration. She still won't put it on (yet) but when she does there will be a follow-up picture on the blog! Thanks Shawn!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Triumphs Rule, Just Ask The Boss

Lowbrow customer Hank just sent us this photo. His bike had a photo shoot last spring with Bruce Springsteen for Mojo Magazine. Hank is the gent wearing an OG Triumph 'Ride, Wrench' Repeat' t-shirt with the skull & wrenches on the front. His bike is a 1969 Triumph TR6C with low pipes. Pretty cool Hank, thanks for sending the photo! His bike gets around, from his email:

"Steve McQueen rode this same bike in October for the January issue of Vanity Fair. Steven R. McQueen that is, the big man's grandson who stars in those Vampire chick TV shows. It was a long day but at least I can tell everyone I taught Steve McQueen how to ride a Triumph (ha ha)"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now that's a show of support!

Katy (head of our shipping department) sent me this picture a few hours ago....of her new Tattoo! It's not the first Lowbrow tattoo, but putting the company logo on your body is a pretty big sign of support! I guess we can't ever fire her now hahaha

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chopper Show at Limpnickie Lot, Daytona, FL

Bikes after rolling in, it's going to be a good show!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going On Now! Daytona Bike Week/Limpnicke Lot!

It's here....hell it's been going on since the beginning of the week! Below is the schedule for the rest of the week, go and see Tyler and Greg from Lowbrow Customs and Bill, Mike D and McGoo from Biltwell set up with the Limpnickie Lot if you are in the Daytona area! This event should be way cooler than the whole Main St cirucs! To everyone not there feel free to place your orders, Todd, Katy, and myself are still here in Sunny Ohio shipping orders and working away!

(From the Biltwell Blog) Here's the schedule for Daytona.

Thursday March 10- Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Ride to Willies- meet at the Lot@ 9- ride out @ 10am

Limpnickie Night at the Broken Spoke Saloon- meet @ willies @ 8-head to the Broken Spoke Saloon @ 9pm 357 Stream Band will be playing

Friday-March 11 - Lot opens 10am - 6 pm
Cycle Source/ Limpnickie Lot Chopper Show 12-5

Live Video Tech Tip with Roadside Marty and ACME Choppers. Roadside will be swapping out a hydro front end for an ACME Springer and the Cycle Source will be filming.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Old School Helmets

We decided to start doing profiles on some of the shops and individuals who produce some of the parts and apparel that we carry. You may recognize the name Josh Scott or Old School Helmets. Josh has been doing pinstriped and hand-painted Biltwell helmets for Lowbrow for a couple years now, here is his story in his own words:

"Dig the Lid? Old School Helmets!

We try to offer a wide array of artwork that appeals to a wide range of people and their tastes. We offer both D.O.T. and novelty lids, pinstriping, metal leafing (gilding), lettering and illustrations, and when I get time, custom candy paint. Our newest idea is distressed lids. These are hand painted designs on flat helmets that are distressed. Yes it takes balls to scuff up a perfectly good design and make it look like it has been sitting in the corner of some stoner's garage for the past 20 years. The overall look is killer and we are the only ones doing it so check em out!

Our goal is to offer one of a kind custom lids at an affordable price. Razor sharp designs and cool color combinations are what I like and I think I bring that same attitude to O.S.H.

I would like to thank the Biltwell crew and Lowbrow Customs for all they have done for us. Without them I would probably be sitting in an office wasting away and no one deserves that life! If you choose to wear a lid, it might as well be cool as hell. Thanks for checking us out!
Josh Scott
Old School Helmets"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Larry's '69 Triumph Bonneville

Got a nice e-mail of thanks from a customer and some pics of his 1969 Triumph Bonneville. Thanks for the kudos and the photos, Larry!

"Good afternoon, this isn't for an order but, I do want to say thanks for your web site and helping me get some of the parts I needed to put my '69 Bonneville (a.k.a The Bopper) together. You'll find a few pics attached. Thanks again - Larry "

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Thierry's Unit Triumph Drag Bike Project

Thierry lives in France and runs Haute Tension Motorcycle. He sent us this pic of a unit Triumph drag bike he is currently building. Pretty rad! Check out his website in French, or you can check it out here translated into english thanks to Google.

"The engine t120 of 66-67 that I go to 1000cc. Tank gas and oil aluminum. Tank gas tubes aluminum of 76mm and of 3mm thickness connected by a plate aluminum of 5mm + silent block. Tank oil tube of 110mm in the shape of tube of toothpaste. Tally reinforced at the back level."