Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day ride, courtesy of Tom Rose

Definitely different weather out in Wyoming as compared to Ohio! Thanks for sending the pics in Tom!

Hey guys

Was really sunny today so, procrastination being the solution to all problems, and after all it was Sunday. The weatherman said it was going to be 61 degrees. It wasn't. The Panther and I rode up Horse Creek Road again, which is in worse shape now. The potholes are deep enough to hide a sleeping 1-year-old black bear. Sure wished we had our long johns. We went up to the Spring Mountain turn off. The road was very rutted with somewhat dehydrated mud. The Panther had to dismount only once and run to catch up. Rode right through it so no pictures.

Spring Mountain is where Butch Cassidy used to keep his spare "Blooded" horses. For those of you who don't know, this was a very early prototype of the FXR. We tried to ride the road over Spring Mountain and I was feeling damned cocky, riding over muddy tracks of a cow moose and her calf, all the way to where the Forest Circus, in all of their grand wisdom had decided to close the road.

We turned around and headed down Spring Creek Draw, got to where Spring Creek crosses the road and there was a big chunk of ice and drifted snow. At its thickest I estimate it about four feet above the surface of the "road". I thought "cool, K&N called my handlebars 'Street Trackers', Biltwell refers to them as just plain 'Trackers' which must be because of their suitability for use on ice and snow".

The Panther and I dismounted and walked the drift. I pointed out to her where I figured I was going to lay the bike down. I suggested that maybe when my front tire hit near that point she pull the trigger on full auto of the camera. The sequential shots that she got are attached. I'm pleased and surprised to say that I did not, in fact, go down.

Tom Rose

Friday, May 28, 2010

Own a piece of Chopper history. And help a Haint.

I am re-posting this for Nick from the Haints. He is selling his Denver's Choppers frame with bodywork so he can get building his shovelhead. It's up on ebay now, check it out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lowbrow Getdown Sponsor Highlight: Kickstart Cycle Supply

A big thanks goes out to Walter of Kickstart Cycle Supply for helping sponsor the Lowbrow Getdown. Support from companies like Kickstart, Biltwell, Chop Cult, Four Aces and Hobgoblin Dark Ale help make this a free event that everyone can enjoy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neil's Indian Scout Bobber

Neil from over in the UK sent us this pic of his old Indian Scout bobber with his newly installed Joe Hunt Magneto. He said she runs like a top and the mag made it into a one kicker. Ride the hell out of it man!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lowbrow Getdown in Ohio: Ride-Drink-Camp June 19th 2010

Nothing good going on in the Midwest? Bullshit! Come on out for the Lowbrow Getdown, riding motorcycles with your bros, giving high-fives and drinking beer, sounds fantastic. Get the full scoop here:

I will continue to update this thread and the website as things develop, but this is less than a month away so get your bike tuned in and ready and grab your tent!

If you have a shop and want to help sponsor this even with some cash (we are trying to pay for everything and make camping free in addition to the food and beer) let me know. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors for keeping it real.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ride to Skate 4 Photo Album!

I took a bunch of cool pics at Ride to Skate 4 last weekend and after getting a minute to sort through them all, I wanted to share! Cheers, Kyle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now Available: Biltwell Handlebars in 7/8"

Now available exclusively from Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Inc. bars in 7/8"! We now have Keystones, Trackers and Window bars in stock, each available in either black electroplating or chrome. Perfect for that Triumph, BSA, Yamaha, Honda or other chopper or bobber project that needs 7/8" bars. Find them, along with other new parts, here.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Ride To Skate 4............

I rolled out to Philly this weekend, made a road trip of it visiting our buddy Walter at Kickstart Cycle supply in NJ first then down into Philly for the pre-party. Good time, and a decent turnout. Met a few people off CC and other customers and friends. Got to see a kid jump over his girlfriend on his rigid right out in front of the bar (not sure where the ramp came from but it disappeared quickly in case of police involvement). Coolest thing I saw all weekend and of course I didn't get a photo off!

The show itself was great, awesome weather for the event, which is great given the weather this coast has been getting the last couple weeks. Alot of cool bikes and alot of skaters at FDR park. I took a ton of pics but here's just a taste, I will get more up when I am caught up from taking a weekend off! I have a feelin next year will be even better.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Progress on my motor!

Tyler is out at Wes White's shop out in CA and he sent me this cell phone teaser pic of my bottom end partly assembled, drilled timing gears installed, and cams degreed. And check out those high compression pistons sticking way up in the air! I can't wait to get my head and bottom end back and really get this thing buttoned up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

This Weekend- Ride To Skate 4

The weather looks like it'll be awesome, the show looks like it'll be even better than last year, and what else is goin' on out east? Come out to the pre party and issue 2 release party for Lowside magazine here's the scoop:

Ride to Skate Preparty
Saturday, May 15th at the Kung Fu Necktie in Philly at 7:30 pm
$5 cover. 3 real good bands, if you like good music. Lowside issue 2 relealse party. Choppahead DVD on the sets. Cold PBR pounders and cold hipster chicks. Good bar, good guys, good times. Bring your bike if you can. Ride safe.

If you see me walkin around come say hey and grab some stickers. Cheers,Kyle

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You've been's your answer.

So you want to hardtail your XS650?

And maybe you have emailed us over the last year repeatedly asking when the David Bird XS hardtail will be ready? Well I just got off the phone and it looks like he is working on the layout and jig right now, so your answer.....It looks like they will be ready for production within a month! See, we didn't forget!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New English 102 Triumph DVD In Stock Now

English 102 is now in stock, 100% new content including wiring your custom Triumph, carburetors, rebuilding hydraulic front ends and more!

"The follow-up to the critically acclaimed English 101 DVD, English 102 is the next step in your British motorcycle education. Once again hosted by Wes White, the electrical system on your vintage British motorcycle is covered in depth with a concentration on identification of parts, troubleshooting, and tips to wire your bike from scratch. More carburetors, Amal, Mikuni and JRC units, are disassembled and discussed. In depth analysis of rebuilding hydraulic front ends, clutch center maintenance and cam bushing reaming is also included. A must for those of you with a true quest for knowledge."

$39.95, more info and 24/7 secure ordering here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lowbrow Customs Launches New Website

I have been slaving away on this new website, it has been the bane of my existence but now it is done and I hope you like it! Easier to use and check out, lots of new features, blog on the homepage, and all kinds of new parts are in stock. Now that this is done we will be back at it harder than ever to add new products and content, and my apologies for any delays in emails and phone calls while we finished nailing this out!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

More progress on my Bonneville race bike WFO!

I put in a bunch of hours over the weekend on my 67 Triumph race bike this weekend. Mounted up my Biltwell stainless seat pivot after some modification ( keeps your eyes open for a new tech tip soon!) welded up my spring perches and made some super beefy brackets for my tarozzi rearsets. Now that I decided what class I am running in (modified pushrod gas) and what record I'm shooting for I could make some real headway.

I decided I am running a sprung Biltwell solo seat, although I am having my buddy Tom at TNT Custom Paint hand tool me a custom leather seat using the Biltwell foam and pan seat kit. It'll fit the image I am going for, a bike that could have been built and rolled on to the salt in 1967. More to come!

Friday, May 7, 2010


May 16. That's next Sunday. I think you should be there. I will be, and not working for once, out Sat night drinkin' some beer and raisin' some hell and the checkin' out the show on Sunday! Cheers, Kyle

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back in stock! Yes, finally!

For everyone out there who has been emailing me for months, we have almost all of the Biltwell items back in stock! Come 'n' get it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

English 102 Teaser Now Online

The English 102 Triumph Tune & Service DVD trailer is now online for your viewing pleasure! The DVDs should be arriving any day, you can always order on up via the presale so it ships the same day they arrive in our hands.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who Is David Bird?

Wes White and I were in BFE, Missouri last week at David Bird's fabrication shop. Aside from being a top-notch fabricator, Dave is also a great guy and both he and his wife are very hospitable. The three of us have collaborated on work for quite some time, and we decided to use Dave's 34 years of welding and fabricating experience to spread the knowledge around.

Stay tuned for more info, coming soon.. A big thanks goes out to Lincoln Electric as well, located in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, who supplied some killer new equipment for us to play with.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rockers Reunion Vintage Motorcycle and Scooter Rally in Chicago May 8th

Check out the Rocker's Reunion Vintage MC and Scooter Rally coming up this weekend. The Ton Up Club guys know how to set up some great events!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wear T-shirt, will travel....

Here's just a few shots people sent in wearing our T-shirts, good stuff! Send 'em in, we'll make ya famous! Well ok not famous but we might throw your pic up on the blog or in the customer gallery on our new website!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

.....And now a productive Saturday!

After My morning coffee, responding to bunches of emails and sending out the days packages, I got down to the fun stuff...a little shop time. Time to mount up that bad-ass 7 Metal West oil tank to my Bonneville lsr projectI carefully measured and marked where I wanted to mount my tank (offset for chain clearance) drilled some holes and inserted the sleeves I machined through my downtube.
Fired up the TIG, let them cool down then ground it smooth. Normally I am all about leaving the welds but this is going to be a rubber mounted tank and I wanted a clean smooth mounting surface.
And there it is mocked up. I can't say how stoked I am with the way that turned out. I then spent the same amount of time it took to mount the tank filing down a steering damper fork tube bracket that I bought that fit like shit. Sometimes it's just easier to make the part yourself than buy it and have to re-work it anyway!