Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Denny's 650 c.c. Triumph Chopper

From Denny:

"Heres a few pics of the '66 Triumph I built down here in Somerset, Kentucky.
- 66 650 TR6 motor from the crank up
- 4" over hard tail welded on
- Custom vertical oil tank I robbed off an on chopper find
- Sportster front end dropped, legs shaved
- Old frisco tank...some old chopper risers I had layin around with drags flipped over.
- 16 rear, Triumph hub all new
- custom flake paint I traded an old springer for to Josh at IMAGE ONE.
- Runs like a beast..."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

There are many reasons I am glad to be an American, and a big thanks goes out to all our service men and women, past and present. You are doing the work that lets the rest of sleep well at night, thank you!

Thoughts Over the Holiday Weekend.

This time of the day was my favorite out on the salt...On the starting line right as the sun was coming up with mountains looming in the distance, and a clean white track ahead. Quiet and still for a little while longer. 75 days....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Check out my Triumph LSR re-build on Chop Cult!

I am continuing to work daily on my race bike to get it ready for Bonneville Speed Week 2011, and as stoked as I am about it I don't want to clutter up our blog with updates every day so I started a build (or re-build) thread on Chop Cult, you can check it out HERE if you are interested in following it! If you haven't checked out Chop Cult make sure you do, it is a pretty cool forum for choppers and bikes in general run by our friends at Biltwell Inc.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Tech Tip: Relocating Your Gas Tank Filler Bung

Just posted up a new DIY Tech Tip yesterday, Relocating your Chopper Gas Tank Filler Bung. This tech tip features myself as well as Todd and even our buddy Greg giving a helping hand. This is using one of our new Rippled Aluminum Filler Caps / bungs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1967 Triumph Bonneville Salt Flats Racer Redux

Just last week I brought my race bike over to the new shop. Pretty late in the game (less than 3 months to Bonneville) I know, but between the holidays, our big move, the EDR and other big changes and projects in the work (Just wait!!!) I just didn't have time to get working on it. The great thing that came out of that break was a real excitement to get to work and a LIST of ideas for this season. I didn't hesitate once I got it on the lift to start stripping off the old hard tail, oil tank, primary cover, fender etc.

Some thing in store......a new 6" over David Bird hard tail for a little more room, re-worked rearsets (back by the axle) a new design oil tank, a full aluminum rear fender, a rad polished flat track primary cover (this is taking some work with the racing belt drive, but it is way too cool not to use!), a new exhaust, and a partial fairing. That is probably leaving off about 20 more changes as well as re-working all the little things I ran out of time for last year since I built this in less than 4 months! Stay tuned for some updates...
80 Days and Counting until 2011 Bonneville Speed Week!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lowbrow Customs/Four Aces DVD Reviews!

Special thanks to Marco Costiglio for giving us such a great review in this month's issue of Iron Horse! As with all of his articles it is extremely well crafted and features a review of English 101, English 102, MIG Welding Fundamentals, and TIG Welding Fundamentals. I want to say that all the comments he made regarding these are absolutely true! He also has a few statements in there that gave me a pretty good laugh, such as David Bird having "one of the best mustaches since Tom Selleck starred as Magnum P.I."! Thanks again Marco and everyone check this issue out if you can!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stickers For Your Thoughts.. Give Us Your Reviews!

What motorcycle-riding wild man doesn't like free stickers? Perhaps it is a throwback to our neanderthal heritage; plastering your garage with chopper stickers is akin to painting mammoths on your cave wall. Here is how you could end up with some free Lowbrow Customs stickers in your mailbox:

We would like more customer reviews as we believe peer-to-peer reviews on our products will give you honest insight into their quality, fit, and their ability to get you laid on a scale of 1-to-10. Our review system on our website lets you put in Pros, Cons & Comments when you leave a review. We read each and every one, and they help us figure out if there are any issues or products that need improved, and they help out anyone else who is thinking about buying a product but wants the low-down. We will reward this forthcoming by randomly choosing some people who take the time to leave reviews and emailing them for their address so we can send out a nice sticker pack.

Click on the 'Review' tab that is on every single product on our site, and then click on 'Add Your Review' and let us know what you think. You don't have to have an account or anything, just your name, review, and email address (which is not shared or published!). Thanks for your help!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pinned! Show Coverage

I headed down to Columbus yesterday for the first Pinned! show held in Columbus Ohio along with our friends Greg and Tim. It ended up being a great day weather wise sunny and in the low 80's which was tremendous luck as there have been about 2 days without rain this whole month!
I met up with Kareem who put the event on. He did a great job, the event featured about 7 live bands, the PBR truck, a roach coach making what I heard were good burgers, and a bunch of local vendors including Josh from Old School Helmets.
There were a bunch of great bikes and groups of people coming and going all day, some hot rods as well and a couple real jems including this rare 70's trike and this V-Twin Royal Enfield (that's right they never made a production model, I have a couple more photos and some more info on it I will feature in a future blog)Awards were given out in several categories as well as prizes from some of the sponsors.

This was a fun event and a great turnout for the first year, good job Kareem and crew, we hope to see you next year!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hell on Wheels Rally 2011

"Run what ya brung Scramble Races are coming to Riverside, CA! Sign up today to race! A class for every bike - including Modern support class. It is $40 to enter, $20 for each additional class and includes a t-shirt (pick it up day of the race!), price increases after June 7th. "

Get all the details at the Hell on Wheels MC Blog!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tanks back in stock!

I am just going to do a blog on this, due to the huge demand we sold out of these tanks pretty quick last time and had a couple weeks shipping delays, but all the Cleveland CycleWerks tanks are back in stock! Get 'em HERE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pinned !!!! Motorcyle & Rod throw down. May 21st. Columbus Ohio

Pinned is coming up this weekend in Columbus Ohio! Check it out if you can, bikes, bands, trophies, I hear a pinup contest.... and who knows what other mayhem (those Ohio types are a surly bunch). Check out their FB page HERE!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weirdo vol. 2 Coming Soon.. Your Bike Photos Needed!

It isn't too late! If you have been too busy watching one of the many t.v. shows about cake instead of e-mailing me your bike photos and a brief writeup (some basic specs, 5 or 6 sentences about the bike and what you did to it) to submit them for a chance to be published as a Customer Bike Spotlight in Weirdo vol. 2 then get off the couch and make it happen! Now, weirdo!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Semi-Finished Bike Photo

Kyle's girlfriend Ava took this photo, a rare photo of my bike after it was semi-finished. I was working feverishly to get it on the road before El Diablo Run so I didn't take any photos of the final assembly. Once Kyle got back from California (drove back after EDR) this past Friday night I pulled the tanks and fender off and took them over to Joe at Jerry's House of Kolors in Elyria, Ohio to get some paint on em. Joe painted my '55 Triumph race bike and did a bang up job and I am excited to see what the Pan tins will look like when done! I had an OEM H-D rocker arm snap on the EDR trip so the bike is back over at Jesse's shop Gasbox to get a new rocker arm, and my pipes are off to get chromed so in a couple weeks it should actually be back together and done for real!

Working Man's Motorcycle & Art Show: Austin, Texas

Check it out here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 El Diablo Run Photo Extravaganza!

Yes this picture says it all......Bros being Bros. (I am pretty sure Bill or Wes may have some incriminating photos of me, but this was too good not to post!) This is one of hundreds of photos Ava and I took on the 2011 EDR, check em out HERE in our Flickr album! Thanks to our friends at Biltwell for putting on another amazing event!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Joonas's Softail Chopper

Straight outta Finland, Joonas sent us a couple pics of his Softail chopper and we thought we would share:

"Here is a pic of my Softail. It has Biltwell Low Drags, Biltwell Seat hinge and key switch from you. The air cleaner and points cover are from Boylecomm.

Seat and pipes are homemade. Brake master cylinders from ISR Brakes from Sweden. It's much lighter than the stock and with mid controls much better bike on the road.

Joonas Pirilä"

El Diablo Run 2011: A Study in Photos & Haikus

I posted this same blog the other day, but somehow it disappeared? Here it is again..

I have never been one to take a lot of photos; even though I had a camera in my pocket the whole trip I just am hard pressed to grab it and snap pics. I got some, and here are a few of them, hundreds were taken by my brother Kyle and his girlfriend Ava, and countless others on the trip, so more will continue to surface and we will get some more up here on the site as well.

My Pan was running great the day before the run and that morning, but we left on the run and while I was still in Temecula I heard a 'thunk..thunk' that ended up being the moment my OEM H-D rear exhaust rocker arm snapped (!) and my pushrod met the inside of my rocker cover. I didn't discover the exact cause of the noise until later, but my bike cruised on various trucks and trailers for the remainder of the run, and I was unable to locate a rear exhaust rocker arm for a 1959 Harley-Davidson Panhead in Mexico, go figure. It should be home end of week and back on the road next week, where I will flog it for giving me such a hard time. I just now wrote a haiku about the experience:

riding wild thunder
then a disheartening sound
tequila flows free

Despite mechanical trouble, Mexico was a blast, everyone on the run was great and I had lots of fun eating, drinking, relaxing, wrenching, talking, and the whole deal. McGoo was kind enough to let me ride his BMW enduro the last day so I got to ride from Ensenada back up to Murrieta, California, so that was a nice added bonus.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The long road home....

We headed out from CA this afternoon and took the scenic detour down 90 miles of Route 66. The timing couldn't have been better we caught this beautiful sunset and half an hour before we hit rain heading into Seligman. We just wish we could have been riding this gorgeous stretch of Americana instead of trailering across it!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Pan Rocker Arm Needed In Mexico

If anyone reads this and is coming down to San Felipe tonight or to Ensenada on Saturday or Sunday and you can bring me a Panhead rear exhaust rocker arm I would be greatly indebted to. Looks like my roadside trouble just after leaving Temecula, CA for Mexico was a faulty part, the rocker arm snapped in two.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

El Diablo Run 2011

I am headed out early morning with Greg, flying out to LA and then headed south to Murrieta and the Biltwell open house. Kyle and Ava should be there waiting, as should my Pan, and Thursday morning we wake bright and early and hit the road headed south into Mexico. I can't wait, I haven't been this excited about a trip in a while. These photos are from El Diablo Run 2008. For those of you who can't make it but would love to, I will drink some tequila for you! We will be sure to get some good photos and blog posts up when we hit the US on Monday, but until then just assume we are riding the wild thunder and having a great time. Katy, Todd and John are running the shop while Kyle and I are away, so everything will work like normal while we are away.

Harley Davidson Shovelhead and Ironhead Tune & Service DVDs now available!

Two new DVD titles are done and on their way, check out the Shovelhead Tune & Service DVD and the Ironhead Sportster Tune & Service DVD, both hosted by the legendary Frank Kaisler! Each video will walk you through the maintenance needed to keep you and your bike happy and on the road.

What a crazy trip! The road to EDR 2011

I have been driving cross country with Ava as my passenger towing some bikes out for the El Diablo Run and we have hit crazy thunderstorms, freezing temperatures, and insane winds. Pretty much the reasons I have not posted a blog since I left! Monday morning in Dallas Texas I changed my Jeep's oil in a thunderstorm in a driveway, Not fun! Halfway through the day well into west Texas we finally hit the good weather and made some time, so much in fact I am sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix AZ writing this blog at 4am local time! 23 hour days on the road are tough but now we have a free day here tomorrow to go to some bike junkyards and enjoy this weather! Stay tuned for some pictures and shots from the EDR pre-party Wednesday! Cheers, Kyle