Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1967 Triumph Bonneville Salt Flats Racer Redux

Just last week I brought my race bike over to the new shop. Pretty late in the game (less than 3 months to Bonneville) I know, but between the holidays, our big move, the EDR and other big changes and projects in the work (Just wait!!!) I just didn't have time to get working on it. The great thing that came out of that break was a real excitement to get to work and a LIST of ideas for this season. I didn't hesitate once I got it on the lift to start stripping off the old hard tail, oil tank, primary cover, fender etc.

Some thing in store......a new 6" over David Bird hard tail for a little more room, re-worked rearsets (back by the axle) a new design oil tank, a full aluminum rear fender, a rad polished flat track primary cover (this is taking some work with the racing belt drive, but it is way too cool not to use!), a new exhaust, and a partial fairing. That is probably leaving off about 20 more changes as well as re-working all the little things I ran out of time for last year since I built this in less than 4 months! Stay tuned for some updates...
80 Days and Counting until 2011 Bonneville Speed Week!

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