Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a crazy trip! The road to EDR 2011

I have been driving cross country with Ava as my passenger towing some bikes out for the El Diablo Run and we have hit crazy thunderstorms, freezing temperatures, and insane winds. Pretty much the reasons I have not posted a blog since I left! Monday morning in Dallas Texas I changed my Jeep's oil in a thunderstorm in a driveway, Not fun! Halfway through the day well into west Texas we finally hit the good weather and made some time, so much in fact I am sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix AZ writing this blog at 4am local time! 23 hour days on the road are tough but now we have a free day here tomorrow to go to some bike junkyards and enjoy this weather! Stay tuned for some pictures and shots from the EDR pre-party Wednesday! Cheers, Kyle

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