Friday, May 6, 2011

Pan Rocker Arm Needed In Mexico

If anyone reads this and is coming down to San Felipe tonight or to Ensenada on Saturday or Sunday and you can bring me a Panhead rear exhaust rocker arm I would be greatly indebted to. Looks like my roadside trouble just after leaving Temecula, CA for Mexico was a faulty part, the rocker arm snapped in two.


beanmachine said...

that would suck dude, did you get a new one? now I'm all curious and shit

Tyler said...

Nope, wasn't an easy part to find in Mexico! Found a bike salvage yard in San Felipe but he didn't have much but off road and dirt bike stuff. Bike is getting hauled back by my brother Kyle should be here end of week and get it dialed in shortly thereafter. I did get to ride from Ensenada north through Tijuana back up to Biltwell on McGoo's BMW enduro bike so that was fun!

sneakykiwi said...

Good work Tyler,at least you had some time one the and war with an old pan..