Monday, May 16, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Semi-Finished Bike Photo

Kyle's girlfriend Ava took this photo, a rare photo of my bike after it was semi-finished. I was working feverishly to get it on the road before El Diablo Run so I didn't take any photos of the final assembly. Once Kyle got back from California (drove back after EDR) this past Friday night I pulled the tanks and fender off and took them over to Joe at Jerry's House of Kolors in Elyria, Ohio to get some paint on em. Joe painted my '55 Triumph race bike and did a bang up job and I am excited to see what the Pan tins will look like when done! I had an OEM H-D rocker arm snap on the EDR trip so the bike is back over at Jesse's shop Gasbox to get a new rocker arm, and my pipes are off to get chromed so in a couple weeks it should actually be back together and done for real!


beanmachine said...

lookin pretty awsome dude, what are you doing for paint?

Tyler said...

Black base with some blue worked in there, I am leaving it up to Joe the painter. Nothing super crazy, but nice 60's paintjob.