Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pinned! Show Coverage

I headed down to Columbus yesterday for the first Pinned! show held in Columbus Ohio along with our friends Greg and Tim. It ended up being a great day weather wise sunny and in the low 80's which was tremendous luck as there have been about 2 days without rain this whole month!
I met up with Kareem who put the event on. He did a great job, the event featured about 7 live bands, the PBR truck, a roach coach making what I heard were good burgers, and a bunch of local vendors including Josh from Old School Helmets.
There were a bunch of great bikes and groups of people coming and going all day, some hot rods as well and a couple real jems including this rare 70's trike and this V-Twin Royal Enfield (that's right they never made a production model, I have a couple more photos and some more info on it I will feature in a future blog)Awards were given out in several categories as well as prizes from some of the sponsors.

This was a fun event and a great turnout for the first year, good job Kareem and crew, we hope to see you next year!


Anonymous said...

had a great time, lots of cool dudes.

jimbo said...

''What to wear today?...hmmmm better wear the 3 size to small FUCK YOU tshirt so everyone knows that im a tough guy and better not mess with me.'' Thoes guys are the first to call the cops.