Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Green Bike Is Done For This Year

Bent a valve, worked all day to fix it best I could here and just tried running it down the Salt on one cylinder but it barely pulled. I had to give it a go I would rather beat it up and blow it up then give it the easy way out. I am bummed but it ran great until it didn't but that's racing.

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Unkl Ian said...

Hold you heads high, you guys have done very well.

Bill said...

You did great! How's Kyle and Wes' machines holding up?

SUMO said...

bummed maybe, but you've done way more than most... im jealous

Tyler said...

Thanks guys. Let me amend the blog title, not done for the year, just the week. Got it in my head to try and make it back out in October, we shall see.

John Seals said...

Sorry to hear it man. But still you had a hell of an adventure and that's something not too many of us can say.

Come back next year and kick some serious tail.

Anonymous said...

Tough luck Tyler but you still did good. Been great following you guys
been checking the blog everyday!