Thursday, August 19, 2010

I broke the Ton on the salt!

We had some drizzles and high winds on the salt this morning and a lot of delays up until 11am but finally the weather cleared up and racing resumed. I had a solid run good shifts through all gears and tried to keep tucked in as possible and ran 105. 762 at the 2 mile!!! I lost a mile at the 2 1/4 mile biut it looks as though I was running rich, so I went over everything on the bike and prepped it for a run I am already staged in line for tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see what she'll do on the last day of Speed Week! Cheers, Kyle


Unkl Ian said...

The air should be a lot better in the morning.

shawn - Imperial House said...

Congrats Man! I threw this stuff up on my blog as well! Hope you keep climbing!

Quaffmeister said...

Rootin' for ya man, a ton ten would be nice in the right conditions.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Kyle!
Gez in the uk