Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Pictures From Yesterdays Airstrip Test Runs

I sorted through more pictures from our Airstrip test runs yesterday, some really cool pics came out of this. We had some video too but unfortunately a bunch was real shaky and with the position you couldn't make a lot of it out. A huge thanks again to the staff who let us do these runs, it saved us at least a day of dealing with gremlins on the salt.
Both the bikes fired right up with no issues and ran great, a couple small oil leaks but they have already been fixed. Anyway what British bike doesn't leak a little?

My first run went fairly smooth but found I had some linkage issues and also had to adjust the position of my rearsets as when I upshifted it ground the tip of my boot off! I have a reversed shift pattern, right hand shift, first gear up, 3 gears down. Have to make sure to remember that one come raceday!

Other than the few small issues and some normal tuning the runs just got better but we still kept them around 4000rpm, letting the rings seat and breaking the new motors in. I arranged a few more hours of track time Monday morning so we should be able to just go and run them again, this time a little more aggressively and really get a feel for the bikes. Just 6 more days until we hit the road for Bonneville!


Unkl Ian said...

Congratulations to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Your bikes look great guys! Hell, maybe you should start building bikes. Best luck on the salt and I hope to see you there next year. Bring some records home.