Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohio or Bust!!

We're cruising along in the middle of Wyoming and due to the miracle of modern technology we can post this blog from the RV! Today was the last day of Bonneville Speed Week 2010 and qualifying runs ended at noon so we packed up the pit and hit the road, headed home for Ohio. I (Kyle) got a few runs in today, all over 100 and worked on dialing my bike in and making adjustments and enjoying the much shorter lines at the course. Wes got 2 runs in on the Salt Ghost both around 119, not quite as high as Tyler's earlier run of 121 but pretty amazing for such an old race bike. We have a ton of photos and a couple photographers who will be sending uis a bunch more, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

We want to thank everyone who came and supported us as well as all the great people from all over the world we met there also! And a special thanks goes out to the SCTA, the BNI, and all the volunteers who make this massive event happen! Here's a picture of the motorcycle tech crew, just a few of the people who helped us out through the week. See you guys soon, we are making plans to go back as I type! Cheers, Kyle

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