Saturday, August 7, 2010

Loading Up, 3 days 'till we go!

3 days until we hit the road for Bonneville Speed Week! We are excited as hell to hit the road and are knocking out the million details beforehand. We just finished up our race trailer, checking the AC unit (hey Utah is hot!) new tires, pack the wheel bearings, and of course letter it up. So if you're making it out to the flats, keep an eye out for us!
We get a few more hours on Monday for some more test runs at the local airstrip then load the bikes up until we get to wheel them out onto the salt for the first time! Make sure to keep checking back, we will be doing daily updates once we hit the road and uploading video to our YouTube page of all the cool stuff we get to see and do! Cheers, Kyle

1 comment:

Unkl Ian said...

You guys don't fool around.

Have a safe trip.