Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally sorted my issues out and got to run again!

After days of mechanical issues now and huge frustrations I finally got my parts in and got my bike running right! I got out onto the line with Tyler when he made his qualifying record run and got to see what my machine can do. I took off, the bike ran great I shifted at 7000rpms, not pushing it too much and it pulled through the first three gears great, and then I didn't get a positive shift into 4th gear and lost about a thousand rpms before it engaged. Big bummer but I just hunkered down and held it wide open. I got picked up and taken to timing and even with the issues and not running since last weekend I ran 97.317mph! Almost the ton! Pretty respectable for a vintage 650 on the salt.
I went to impound with Tyler and got to work going over everything on my bike, checking plugs, making adjustments, cutting a few inched off of my clip-ons to bring them in tighter. I also found that my throttle had slipped and rotated back and I don't even know if I was wide open during my run! It is amazing what can and will shake loose in such a quick short run. Tyler makes his record run in the morning and then I will be making a run and really wind my bike out and make sure I have clean shifts and see what it can really do! Two days left to see how fast she can go. We'll keep you posted! Cheers, Kyle

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Jonathan Glover Photography said...

So glad you got everything sorted out and got to run again.