Monday, March 28, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Sissy Bar In The Works

I have never made a sissy bar before, and I have spent the last 3 evenings doing just that. I also had never welded stainless before. This is the 2nd incarnation, a full 12" (!) shorter than the first version. 36" didn't seem so tall til it was sitting on my fender. Anyway.. 9/16" 304 Stainless Steel that will be polished up to a mirror finish. I still have to sort out the mounts to the fender, the plan is to tackle that late night tomorrow then move on to the exhaust. About 32 days from now this bike will be headed to California and I will be doing El Diablo Run, so I hope to be riding this bike in 2 weeks!


beanmachine said...

msn I love a tall sissy bar, looking awsome so far dude!
can't wait to see it all finished

Unknown said...

Great lookin' bike. I can't wait to see it finished.

Guy@GK said...

Looking great Tyler... can't wait to see it done.

Anonymous said...

Bike looks awesome. Is this the 36" or the shorter sissy pictured?