Friday, March 25, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Fender & Solo Seat Mounted

I have been working on my bike pretty much every night, as I need to get it done and get miles on it, and soon! El Diablo Run is coming up Cinco de Mayo and this is the bike I am riding! I got the Haifley Brothers solo seat mounted last week with the help of a cast stainless Biltwell seat pivot and some of our springs and spring mounts. Tonight I mounted the Gasbox 18" fender and am now ready to start working on bending up the sissy bar that will support the rear of the fender, give a nice place to strap gear, and look bitchin'.

Before I mounted the fender I got the 4 speed transmission in place and the primary more-or-less adjusted and put a rear chain on and adjusted that to the proper tension. I then put another chain over the tire and set the fender on it to give me even clearance along the radius of the fender. Top mount was nice and easy, one of our 1" diameter coped 3/8"-16 threaded bungs was a perfect fit. Bolt from inside the fender threads right in.

I used the stock HD lower fender mount tab and turned down an aluminum ribbed spacer and this was through-bolted. I will use a button head allen going through from inside the fender and then cross-drill and cotter pin just after the nut to ensure I don't have any bolts rattling loose. This weekend I should get the sissy bar done (hope hope) so stay tuned!


Rob said...

dig the split tank!

beanmachine said...

looking good, digging those trick fender mounts