Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well I guess there comes a time in every mans life where he needs to say goodbye to old friends. For some its a bad hip keeping them from walking 18 holes on the golf course, for others its the fact all the bourbon abuse leads them to bid farewell to Mr Jack Daniels.
Yeah well... none of that applies to me. Im just ready to move on.
Ive owned this bike for many years and we've shared many a road together. Just finished up on the motor rebuild got me to thinking, someone else should carry the torch for this old girl. Ive had my fun with her and shes still pretty tight... So here she is up on the selling block.

-Fresh motor
-Brand NEW Amal Carbs,
-New pushrods,
-All new gaskets
-Boyer Elec. Ignition
-Paint is pristine and Chrome is all good
Asking 4500 but easily persuaded
trades for Harley, Triumphs, Dirtbikes, Slab Shovel/Pan Motors and Classic Cars or Trucks
-Marco email:

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