Saturday, March 19, 2011

BSA Chopper Build at Canada's Only High School Chopper Class!

Mazz is the teacher / manager of the BMHS Bike Klub at Bernice MacNaughton High School, Canada's only high school chopper class. He sent us some photos of their BSA build-in-progress, with parts donated from Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Inc., Elswick Cycles, and many others, check out their website for more info. The bike is looking killer, we just sent them a bunch of cloth-covered wire so I imagine we will be seeing some photos of the finished bike soon enough!


Dean Nelson R.N. said...

OMFG ...thats a work of art!!!! Freakin A

Unkl Ian said...

I doubt there are ANY shop classes at any of the schools around here.

beanmachine said...

Cool, I might have gone to school more if I had a chopper class