Monday, March 14, 2011

Triumphs Rule, Just Ask The Boss

Lowbrow customer Hank just sent us this photo. His bike had a photo shoot last spring with Bruce Springsteen for Mojo Magazine. Hank is the gent wearing an OG Triumph 'Ride, Wrench' Repeat' t-shirt with the skull & wrenches on the front. His bike is a 1969 Triumph TR6C with low pipes. Pretty cool Hank, thanks for sending the photo! His bike gets around, from his email:

"Steve McQueen rode this same bike in October for the January issue of Vanity Fair. Steven R. McQueen that is, the big man's grandson who stars in those Vampire chick TV shows. It was a long day but at least I can tell everyone I taught Steve McQueen how to ride a Triumph (ha ha)"

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Unkl Ian said...

The Boss knows what is cool.