Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Old School Helmets

We decided to start doing profiles on some of the shops and individuals who produce some of the parts and apparel that we carry. You may recognize the name Josh Scott or Old School Helmets. Josh has been doing pinstriped and hand-painted Biltwell helmets for Lowbrow for a couple years now, here is his story in his own words:

"Dig the Lid? Old School Helmets!

We try to offer a wide array of artwork that appeals to a wide range of people and their tastes. We offer both D.O.T. and novelty lids, pinstriping, metal leafing (gilding), lettering and illustrations, and when I get time, custom candy paint. Our newest idea is distressed lids. These are hand painted designs on flat helmets that are distressed. Yes it takes balls to scuff up a perfectly good design and make it look like it has been sitting in the corner of some stoner's garage for the past 20 years. The overall look is killer and we are the only ones doing it so check em out!

Our goal is to offer one of a kind custom lids at an affordable price. Razor sharp designs and cool color combinations are what I like and I think I bring that same attitude to O.S.H.

I would like to thank the Biltwell crew and Lowbrow Customs for all they have done for us. Without them I would probably be sitting in an office wasting away and no one deserves that life! If you choose to wear a lid, it might as well be cool as hell. Thanks for checking us out!
Josh Scott
Old School Helmets"

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