Thursday, March 24, 2011

Imperial House71: Help JAPAN

"I have had the situation in Japan on my mind, as I am sure many others have. In talking about the devastation with others, it became painfully obvious that a lot of people really want to help but they have no surety of how or to whom they should direct their contributions. So, with that being said, I set out to create this original painting, using water color and one shot. As clearly depicted in this print, the red circle of Japan’s flag, (which is historically symbolic of the sun; warmth, and brightness) is being overtaken by the cracks from the outer edge of the print, (representative of the 9.0 earthquake that triggered the devastating tsunami.) With the final touch being the single tear falling from the heart of a country as a silent cry for help.

The goal in creating this painting was to put together a striking image that would help keep the plight in Japan at the forefront of our minds, while also creating an avenue for people to donate to help Japan. With the help of C & C Quality Printing, Inc., I will be offering high quality, signed and numbered, 15” x 20”, limited edition prints.

These prints are available for a minimum donation of $20 and will ship within 2 weeks of donations being placed.

ALL proceeds will be going to a program called “Socks for Japan”, and the Japanese Red Cross Society."

To make a donation, or for more information, go to


Big Pink said...

Very cool deal from Shawn. I've ordered mine up and am glad that this "biker" community helps out those in need.

Anonymous said...

saw on the net hollywood stars begging for money to send to japan,,,WTF,,, japan is not haiti,it is a modern industrial giant,with a complex infrastructure.hey hollywood just a few words:Honda,Toyota,Sony,Nissan,Mitsubishi,komatsu,kubota,Hitachi,Toshiba,samsung.etc... all BILLION dollar corporations located in Japan,,,,lets feed homless vets and senior citizens HERE first,,,,,Japan can take care of its self

Tyler said...

If someone wants to donate $20, get a cool print out of it, and help people in the process, who cares if it is in Japan or the USA? People are people. Anonymous, go ahead and take your personal time and money to set something up to help the USA homeless vets and senior citizens and give me the details and I will be glad to support your charitable effort as well. Put your actions where your mouth is

shawn said...

Been listening to arguments/opinions both ways. Japan is indeed a very wealthy country, and by all rights they do not need my money. But what they, the people who were impacted by the devastation, need is for someone to care. If you will look into the charities that this money will be going to, you will see that it has nothing to do with money and it has more to do with people doing something. Doing something to build hope. All the money in the world will not replace the things that were lost; the personal things. The loved ones washed out to sea. The possessions that took everything for a working class family to obtain.
I don't even like throwing these facts out there, but it seems appropriate when ignorance shows up. I have built houses for homeless people in the U.S., I have worked numerous hours in shelters, and I have donated many $$$$ and time to various oeganizations. I have traveled to Mexico, and built homes for the homeless there as well. I traveled to Haiti and worked in shelters and clinics to help those effected. I have donated my time, my services, as well as my products to American Veterans.
And if I choose to paint a print to raise money for a country, because I just saw footage of children, who lost both parents when the taunami's waters came in, walking barefoot through debris and water; then I will do just that. I am not easily swayed, and I choose to stand for things I believe in regardless of what others say or feel.
"anonymous" - if you would like to step up and invest the up front costs, I will gladly paint a print worthy picture that you can handle how ever you see fit to raise money for homeless vets and the hungry. You know how to contact me, but I'll need a little more to go on than "anonymous".
Thanks go to Tyler and everyone else who didn't waiver when I asked them to post this. Seriously man, thanks.

Kyle said...

Good work Shawn, I agree that our country does have its own problems also and we should work on those, but help your fellow man if you can, if you don't agree with helping them because they are not fellow americans just keep yer trap shut!