Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Triumph Motorcycle Has Never Been So Futuristic.

The popular video tune and service DVDs by Four Aces Cycle and Lowbrow Customs are now available as apps on the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad. This means ace mechanic Wes White is now portable along with you, giving you killer quality video with no buffering or loading and with searchable menus. Currently available on the iTunes store are the Triumph 650 Rebuild, English 101 and English 102 films. High technology to help you keep your vintage iron on the road and running strong.


Micah said...

Price low and go for volume. Would love to have this, but at $50 a pop, it's cost prohibitive.

Anonymous said...

$59.99 on Australia Itunes...I dont think so...I'll stick to dvds thanks

Kyle said...

Hey, it's all about choices and no shipping. I do have to say it is rad I got the demos and played it on my ipad, very cool stuff.

caleb said...

this is so rad tho...now when i'm out in my shop working on my bike.
i can just grab my phone and click to the thing i'm working on in this app.

sure $50 is a bit of a punch in the nut sack.
but i think it's freakin worth every shiny penny!

thanks lowbrow and four aces.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's pricey but i think it's worth it when you consider the cost of a single hour of someone else's labour.

i'm a nerdy sucker for a good reference and love doing stuff like this for myself.

i'd snap it up if it were for my model bike.

tim p (australia)

Anonymous said...

They should make it free for the guys who bought the 3 DVD set through lowbrow. That would be great. When I have some downtime, I could learn some stuff!

Tyler said...

The apps are meant to reach a new audience who has no idea who Lowbrow Customs is, and also go even more international as the Apple iTunes store is world-wide and sells to almost every country. I wish we could do it cheaper, but this is a tiny market and we can't sell cheap and sell tons, there just isn't enough people to buy it and even cover the cost of producing the content! Apple alone takes 30% of sales and then we have the software development company, so that is another part of the reason for the price, just fyi!

Micah said...

Hadn't considered the Int'l audience or the app development or the Apple slice of the pie. Nevermind my first comment.

Anonymous said...


I am Anon 1 from Australia.
($59.99 on Australia Itunes...I dont think so...I'll stick to dvds thanks)

I do think it is a great idea and would be fantastic when I'm in the garage trying to figure out how to do something.

But at $180.00 for the three apps its extremely expensive. I'll get my dynamo rebuild kit instead.