Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: It's a Roller.

I am in my office, a.k.a. the old Lowbrow shop before we moved into our new warehouse this past week. How sweet it is, working on my bike where Kyle's desk used to be. Less than a week ago it was hard to walk from one end of this room to the other, a hive of activity, now it is mainly empty and I am alone, working on my bike. Rad.

Got my wheels all laced up, my friend Todd got the tires mounted for me and I got it together as a roller this evening. The forks are early 50's Triumph and still need a bit of work, the lowers plated or painted, and I am going to shorten them up a hair. Dropped the motor that I picked up from Gasbox yesterday in the frame, looks great I can't wait to ride this bike!


Kyle said...

Get back to work!

shawn - Imperial House said...

Lookin good man! You gonna run fork shrouds up front? Im in the middle of mine as well, check it at - just finished up the exhaust and need to post some pics. Late- Shawn

Image1 said...

that looks great tyler, can't wait to see it in person.