Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big Day!

Finally after the holidays, some delays, shows and travel we are finally moved into our new building! The weather cooperated this weekend and a bunch of our friends showed up to help, a special thanks to them all! Everyone put up with my crabby ass, I got the flu yesterday so I was not the happiest camper the past couple days. We have 99% of our stock moved in, now Katy, Tyler, our Dad and myself will spend tomorrow trying to get it organized so we can keep orders going out like normal on Monday. This will be a huge change for us actually having some room to grow and add even more products! I will try to get some more picture posted as we get more dialed in the next couple weeks!

Our new helmet rack (this is just the Novelty helmets, there is a huge DOT shelf also!)

"Handlebar Row" Just a few pairs in stock!


motoguru. said...

lookin' good fellas!

Tyler said...

Those photos just show one of the bays, we have another that is for storage of bulk inventory and also where the new bike work area is getting set up. And a third bay that is empty at the moment, but that probably won't stay that way for long!

beanmachine said...

sweet digs guys

BCM said...

Did I hear something about a Moto track too?