Tuesday, February 1, 2011

El Diablo Pre-run a.k.a. Planning Routes

This past weekend I flew out to meet up with Bill and McGoo from Biltwell and their friend Matt to go pre run the 2011 El Diablo Run, and man what a blast! This event is going to be amazing if this little trip was any indication, add in 300 crazed bikers thundering down the desolate Baja Mexico roads and I can't even imagine! On the way we stopped in to visit Kim Boyle from Benchmark in his new shop. We got to have some breakfast, check out the new digs and bikes and talk a little business. I seriously have machine envy, who wouldn't want a CNC mill in their garage?
After a couple hours we headed down to Mexicali and crossed the border with no issue and started making time down the road. I hadn't been in Mexico for a couple years but as always it amazed me how different it is as soon as you cross the border. We made our way down to San Felipe the first stop on the EDR and checked into our cabanas. We made our way into town for a couple drinks and started hitting a few bars including the bar where Harrison Ford got busted with the hooker. I forget the name but I could show you how to get there! The American bartender chatted it up with us and played some dice drinking game and more drinking was done. After a late night stagger back to camp we hit the hay in the open air cabanas. There is something to be said about waking up and looking out onto the Sea of Cortez with the sun coming up...amazing doesn't cut it.
The food....need I say more? Good everywhere!
We then hit the road towards Ensenada, the second stop on the EDR, but the guys knowing my infatuation with Baja racing, and that I hadn't been there yet decided to take a shortcut through the mountains on the Baja 500 race course. Matt was a huge help too, he and Bill had been going there for years and Matt is starting up a Baja tour company called Camp4lo. Well, long story short the rains washed alot of the roads out and made the difficult course amazingly difficult; We met a couple really special guys who wanted to show us their "little ranch"; We had to backtrack a few times trying to find a way around and 6 hrs 100 mile later we ended up back at the highway where we started. But it was the best, most fun detour ever! Bill's Toyota also earned my respect, we turned that 2010 into maybe a 2005 after that beating!
We ended the night in downtown Ensenada with some much needed showers dinner, and a few Mexican beers. Oh yeah and the hour long parade of tractor trailers blaring their horns and running down main street....evidently a pre-party for Mardi Gras. You have to love a culture who pre-parties!
In summary this was an amazing weekend with just the 4 of us in a truck, imagine what you would see from the seat of a bike? Don't miss out, put the EDR on your calendar.

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Unkl Ian said...

You guys are really racking up the Frequent Flier Miles.