Monday, January 31, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Chuck's Green Swingarm Triumph

Got a photo of Chuck's Triumph that is almost finished up. Some hard work, money and lots of time and effort can turn a basket case into a real head-turner, and it keeps you out of trouble for a while too. I look forward to some updates after you get it running, maybe a nice video we can post as well!

"I bought this bike in 1990 as a seized up roller for $300. It had been beat up some but most of the important parts were OK. I disassembled it, cannibalized it for another 650 I have and parked it in the corner of my shop for 20+ years. Last fall I decided to make something out of it and it’s now close to being a runner. Quite a few parts I’ve needed came from Lowbrow and the aluminum cafĂ© racer seat was built for me by ‘Rock’ at Rock’s Chops. Countryside Cycles rebuilt the engine. It has stock rake, a Ceriani 35mm fork, a 4” extended swing arm and Boyer ignition. I’ll put it on the floor in a week or so and give it a kick.


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Joshua Bekel said...

I don't know much about Triumphs but I would love to know more! Any suggestions? My background is a machinist/welder/mechanic and I'm currently an mech engineering student. I've also turned more than a few wrenches in my time. I live in MT and I've searched online, but I can't seem to find parts donors etc close by or they are real proud of what they have. So no luck in the basket case department. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.