Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowbound and Down

I miss riding really I do, and usually I welcome the winter months to get in the shop, tear down, rebuild or start a new project. As of late I seem to be suffering a bit of the ole builders block. I have 3 projects on the bench right now along with my daily rider to attend to and nothing seems to be getting done. Wah! Wah! Wah!
Today I barricaded myself in the shop and flipped a coin deciding what to tear into...
Of course like everyone else I flipped until I got the outcome I desired most...My Shop My Rules! Landing on heads for the fifth time I decided to pick up on the FlatTracker Engine Swap and ReDeux:
I picked up this 66 TR6 FlatTracker a few years ago after following an classified I'd seen somewhere. It was 4hrs away in Wilkes Barre PA. So I hopped in the truck, jammed over to my buddy Allens house kicked him awake and away we went.
As I pull up to the address, I noticed a huge plate glass window caved in with a Harley Sprint hanging out onto the sidewalk...and the buildings facade crumbling. WTF!
As it turns out a drunk driver had lost control of his Ford Taurus and careened into the building that morning.
Nevertherless I mosey inside to see the owner and after helping to box up the broken glass he pulls the tarp off this gem. I bought it right there on the spot for $1250.oo.
Sometime later I came up on the T140v Motor, which I was told was built and raced with trick parts and blah blah blah...just like every other deal where someones trying to sell you a 2000 dollar story and a 50 dollar part...."oh this was built by Joe Blow and he was the best it has a Flux Capacitor and Reverse Rocket Propulsion Torque Thrusters."
Well the guy I bought the motor from wasnt far off... As soon as I popped the head off I knew there was something different about this motor, more then the ARD Mag, mikuni Carbs and Torque tubes... the more I tore it down the more HotRod bits I found.. crazy one off trick parts, everything has either been drilled, lightened, grooved, machined, or shortened... I guess I needed this type of excitement to get my head back in the game. Here's hoping spring doesn't come to quick and I get to finish up on everything Im getting a later start on.
To Be Continued.....


Kyle said...

I have magneto envy Marco! I feel you though I can't wait to move into our new building so I can have the time to get to work on my race bike agaiin!

beanmachine said...

nice tracker, always loved there looks, maybe I'll get to building my own someday

TheScribbler said...

Nice, dude; sweet! It's really the garage stories like this that keep me hanging around moto-blogs anyway; thanks!