Friday, January 21, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Hell's Kitchen

John sent us these pictures and write up on his bike, pretty crazy stuff! Check it out and keep 'em coming!
I bought this bike a few year ago for 250.00 in a box. the only thing i kept was the frame and engine. i hand made everything else . the cylder head is reversed. i got the idea when i was a kid going to the dragstrip with my father i remember seeing triumph drag bikes and some of them had reversed heads. i built the girder front end and reversed the forks to give it that frankenstien look .the frame is about 3/4" lower in the front i feel it gives it a more agressive look. the air cleaners are from some old drain trapps i striped the chrome off. the alum. brackets were cut out on the bandsaw an shaped with a file . i had some guy at a bike show try telling me they were made on a cnc machine i told him how do you think things were made before cnc machines. some guy dont understand things can be made with a good plan and hard work.
the really cool thing about this bike is including purchase of the bike, i have just uder 1000.00 in the build. got most of the materials from a scrape yard, lot cheaper than buying from a steel sales place.but i have a ton of hours in the build kept changing my mine as i was building it to get the look i was after. i did everything on it myself including paint. thats about it. i hope you guys like it . I really do like the products you guys put out, they stand alone and that says alot about you guys.

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thats a bad ass chop man