Wednesday, January 26, 2011

La Rapide Triumph Race Team, France

I was visiting Wes White at Four Aces last week and saw this rad book put together by La Rapide Race Team of France about their escapades at Bonneville Speed Week 2010. I arrived back at the shop in Ohio to find a copy of my own. Marco of Brooklands Classic raced his pre unit Triumph alcohol-powered race bike in the 750cc A-VF class, while I ran in the 750cc A-VG class, so we were running similar bikes and I watched his efforts with great interest.

Some familiar faces above, including Patrick who we met out on the Salt in his green & yellow leathers and below him Bill in his 500 cc single, Weslake-powered 'Screwball', probably about to set one of his many records he set in 2010 between Bonneville and El Mirage.

Photographer Denis Boussard was there with the team taking photographs and captured a couple really great moments on film. The photo on the right hand page below was captured right at the end of a run, on the return road waiting for our chase vehicles. Marco and myself (incorrectly labeled as 'Kyle' :) ) each had a great run and were high on life at the moment. The photo on the upper left corner was getting our timing slips from the same run at the timing tower. I can't wait for Speed Week 2011!

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