Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Digs...Updates!

Between the holidays, all the changes going on here, and working every day at the new shop it's been a crazy few weeks! The painting is pretty much done as of today but we still have plenty more to go before we're ready to move. We have been busting at the seams at our old shop and with several freight shipments coming in this week it is just getting worse! We just added a bunch of new products today and will be adding a lot more later this week and the next couple weeks. Here's a couple shots of what we have to work with!

This will be our main stock and shipping bay!

Our new office painted and ready for carpet! We are setting up a lounge area underneath.

Our receiving bay/bike workshop. It'll be great to get a few lifts in here for our projects as well as some test bikes! Finally some room to breathe!


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome guys ! I love to see when friends and good people do well in biz. Keep it up ! See you at Autorama ?? Len-Speedcult-Detroit

Unkl Ian said...

Complete with Wierdo Lounge.
Very nice.