Monday, February 7, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Adam's 69 Triumph T120R

We are back to work and recovering after an amazing time at the Biltwell Bro-Down! I will get some pics up from the show and event as soon as we get caught up. In the meantime check out Adam's T120R, he spends his days selling and servicing euro bikes but has been building this the last 2 years in his spare time.
Here's what Adam has to say:
The short story on this '69 T120R is that i've had it forever and before that it was my Ol man's until he moved onto v-twins. Its been through many changes, versions and so on as many bikes do though out their life. Currently Im using the original frame & motor{matching numbers}, wheels{refurbished and laced with stainless spokes} and front end{new tubes, bushings, etc}. Stuck on the back is a Choppahead 4" over hardtail, original front fender, a sweet lil spring seat on Biltwell brackets, Elswick cycles oil tank and a side mount plate & lite set up.

Im thinking of running the CB tank, as I love the profile and I found it on the side of Rt.102 in someones trash pile. I dig the look of the aluminum drag bars, simple controls and skinny headlight up front. All of the fab work has been completed by myself in my limited spare time at my home shop here in the 603. This includes all of the bracketry, electrical/battery box, oil filter set-up, fender mounts and so on.
Hard sayin' when it will all get finished...Probably just in time to change it up again.


beanmachine said...

lookin pretty sweet so far

americanaglory said...

the tank is ti big, narrow it or something. oyher than that it would be a nice bike.