Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: In Progress... EDR Bound!

With less than 3 months before El Diablo Run, I figured I better focus on my Panhead, as a frame and a small pile of parts wouldn't get me very far into Mexico. Getting the repop wishbone frame dialed in, decided to cut out the extra junk on the neck and window pane it. I saw this last time I was in California on a slab side Shovel that friend Jeff Leighton built. It is a great way to clean up the neck, and I decided to cut some of the unused castings from the top as well while I was at it. Here are a smattering of photos showing a bit of the process.


hooligan said...

that looks pretty damn clean, nice work sir.

Anonymous said...

is that a dual cap alien tank split in half?