Monday, May 17, 2010

Ride To Skate 4............

I rolled out to Philly this weekend, made a road trip of it visiting our buddy Walter at Kickstart Cycle supply in NJ first then down into Philly for the pre-party. Good time, and a decent turnout. Met a few people off CC and other customers and friends. Got to see a kid jump over his girlfriend on his rigid right out in front of the bar (not sure where the ramp came from but it disappeared quickly in case of police involvement). Coolest thing I saw all weekend and of course I didn't get a photo off!

The show itself was great, awesome weather for the event, which is great given the weather this coast has been getting the last couple weeks. Alot of cool bikes and alot of skaters at FDR park. I took a ton of pics but here's just a taste, I will get more up when I am caught up from taking a weekend off! I have a feelin next year will be even better.

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