Saturday, May 1, 2010

.....And now a productive Saturday!

After My morning coffee, responding to bunches of emails and sending out the days packages, I got down to the fun stuff...a little shop time. Time to mount up that bad-ass 7 Metal West oil tank to my Bonneville lsr projectI carefully measured and marked where I wanted to mount my tank (offset for chain clearance) drilled some holes and inserted the sleeves I machined through my downtube.
Fired up the TIG, let them cool down then ground it smooth. Normally I am all about leaving the welds but this is going to be a rubber mounted tank and I wanted a clean smooth mounting surface.
And there it is mocked up. I can't say how stoked I am with the way that turned out. I then spent the same amount of time it took to mount the tank filing down a steering damper fork tube bracket that I bought that fit like shit. Sometimes it's just easier to make the part yourself than buy it and have to re-work it anyway!

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