Sunday, May 9, 2010

More progress on my Bonneville race bike WFO!

I put in a bunch of hours over the weekend on my 67 Triumph race bike this weekend. Mounted up my Biltwell stainless seat pivot after some modification ( keeps your eyes open for a new tech tip soon!) welded up my spring perches and made some super beefy brackets for my tarozzi rearsets. Now that I decided what class I am running in (modified pushrod gas) and what record I'm shooting for I could make some real headway.

I decided I am running a sprung Biltwell solo seat, although I am having my buddy Tom at TNT Custom Paint hand tool me a custom leather seat using the Biltwell foam and pan seat kit. It'll fit the image I am going for, a bike that could have been built and rolled on to the salt in 1967. More to come!

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Congrats on the new site!