Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lowbrow Getdown in Ohio: Ride-Drink-Camp June 19th 2010

Nothing good going on in the Midwest? Bullshit! Come on out for the Lowbrow Getdown, riding motorcycles with your bros, giving high-fives and drinking beer, sounds fantastic. Get the full scoop here:

I will continue to update this thread and the website as things develop, but this is less than a month away so get your bike tuned in and ready and grab your tent!

If you have a shop and want to help sponsor this even with some cash (we are trying to pay for everything and make camping free in addition to the food and beer) let me know. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors for keeping it real.



Jack Greenman said...

I'm not 100s I'll be able to make it, I'm sorting out some issues with my bikes, and money is tight. The one bike I think that could make the trip right now is a bone stock KZ1000 from 77, would that look out of place?

Still though, for all intensive purposes, I am going to try like HELL to get there... More for my sake than yours, its coming up on 3 years since my old man died (july) and he used to race at Nelson's Ledges, the following 3 pictures were taken there in the 70s, the last one wasnt, but I think you'd get a kick out of it.

Kyle said...

Ride what you want man its not a fashion or bike contest! Cheers Kyle

Jack Greenman said...

Thanks mate

Its down to if the KZ is solid enough for the trip, and if I can afford it.