Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day ride, courtesy of Tom Rose

Definitely different weather out in Wyoming as compared to Ohio! Thanks for sending the pics in Tom!

Hey guys

Was really sunny today so, procrastination being the solution to all problems, and after all it was Sunday. The weatherman said it was going to be 61 degrees. It wasn't. The Panther and I rode up Horse Creek Road again, which is in worse shape now. The potholes are deep enough to hide a sleeping 1-year-old black bear. Sure wished we had our long johns. We went up to the Spring Mountain turn off. The road was very rutted with somewhat dehydrated mud. The Panther had to dismount only once and run to catch up. Rode right through it so no pictures.

Spring Mountain is where Butch Cassidy used to keep his spare "Blooded" horses. For those of you who don't know, this was a very early prototype of the FXR. We tried to ride the road over Spring Mountain and I was feeling damned cocky, riding over muddy tracks of a cow moose and her calf, all the way to where the Forest Circus, in all of their grand wisdom had decided to close the road.

We turned around and headed down Spring Creek Draw, got to where Spring Creek crosses the road and there was a big chunk of ice and drifted snow. At its thickest I estimate it about four feet above the surface of the "road". I thought "cool, K&N called my handlebars 'Street Trackers', Biltwell refers to them as just plain 'Trackers' which must be because of their suitability for use on ice and snow".

The Panther and I dismounted and walked the drift. I pointed out to her where I figured I was going to lay the bike down. I suggested that maybe when my front tire hit near that point she pull the trigger on full auto of the camera. The sequential shots that she got are attached. I'm pleased and surprised to say that I did not, in fact, go down.

Tom Rose

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