Friday, July 30, 2010

This is why we want your reviews!!!

In addition to my Pingel dead man switch Bonneville tech requires you to have a positive on/off switch that you can reach without removing your hands from the grips. Trying to save some time I ordered the above switch and housing from a reputable supplier about 20 bucks. I knew it was plastic but as soon as I had it in hand I realized that there was no way I was mounting this on my racebike, in fact I was afraid if I tightened it down it would just snap. The quality was just seriously lacking. So I modified an alloy clutch lever and made my own bracket, something I just should have done in the first place.
Where is this going you ask? If there were some reviews from actual customers I may have thought twice about buying this. This is something we are really trying to push on our new website, we really want YOUR feedback on the items you buy! On every item listing there is a tab marked reviews where you can read reviews other customers leave and you can write a review and let people know what you think. It also helps us to know if there is an issue with a product or something that you just aren't digging!

So leave some reviews! We took it a step fiurther and now have automated emails going out to anyone who orders (about 3 weeks after the order ships) with a link right to those items to make it real easy on you! So help us, and help all the other people in their garages building their own bikes! Cheers, Kyle

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Patrick Z said...

For future bikes, I would recommend this switch.
Looks like a normal kill switch but clicks on and off.
And the best part is the Tech guys don't mind it!