Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey Mythbusters, help settle an argument!

Work continues on my 67 Triumph LSR and time keeps getting shorter! I did get my rear axles drilled, chain aligned and mounted my chain guard.I also lettered my number plates, which makes things seem a bit more official to me. I was trying to explain to my sister in law that the fact my bike has official racing numbers now makes it at least a couple MPH faster than it was this morning. (Fact. ) She seems to think it's a ridiculous idea. I think I'll submit it to Mythbusters and we will see who's right.


Unkl Ian said...

If you drill holes in the number plate, THAT will make it faster.

Anonymous said...

ONLY hand lettering will make it go faster, Not vinyl! not being a snob but your bike Looks awesome and deserves a hand job. you get them to Socal before next year and I'll do them up for you..

Kyle said...

Thanks Kit, yeah just got a bit too late in the game and I can't hand letter worth ya go!