Thursday, July 15, 2010


I got some work done on my 67 T120 Bonneville (the T100 Tuesday was a typo!) yesterday and today but it was like pulling teeth. I was short hardware, had the wrong hardware, was missing some small parts, and the chain I bought didn't work. Ends up a Pingel 530 drag chain is so heavy duty it is too thick to clear the cases without clearancing them! On the up side I got my exhaust pretty much mounted as well as my rocker oil feed. Check out the slick rectangular exhaust clamps too! Alot of trick parts are coming out of Tyler and my land speed bikes and will be making it onto the website!
I got my oil tank mounted, saftey wired and my braided stainless oil lines run and my dead man switch mounted.
I'm pretty happy with the progress and have parts showing up tomorrow and Saturday so I can get this buttoned up! Thanks from all of us here at Lowbrow Customs to everyone for all the support and the feedback! Cheers, Kyle


Unkl Ian said...

Check where those hose clamps are made. The Made in USA ones are fine, the Far East imports and No-Name brand have a habit of coming loose.

Kyle said...

These are made in the USA!

Poppymann said...

Damn that tank is muy delicioso!

FlakeKings said...

Great looking bike! Hope it'll run good and hard on the salt; good luck at Bonneville!
cheers, FlakeKings