Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Final assembly begins!

I decided to just paint my 67 T120 frame due mostly to the fact that we are down to about 4 weeks till we hit the road for Bonneville. So after letting the paint cure for the weekend and catching up on emails and orders today it is time for final assembly! I'm pretty damn excited so I am forcing myself to take my time and do it right.
Some grade 8 holding the frame together and my rearsets in their new home.
The engine in its place, fit like a glove and just a couple little touch-ups. Not bad for putting it in alone! I also finished sorting out my bearing setup for my NOS Ceriani front end.

The goal for tomorrow: get the front end fully assembled, clip-ons and throttle installed, steering damper bolted up, and install the rear wheel and brake set-up (who needs front brakes?) and mount the oil tank. I am excited to see this take shape, I never had all the parts together at once so seeing it come together fully is a first even for me. Cheers, Kyle

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