Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lowbrow Customers Donate More Than $750 to Charity In July

Lowbrow is about the best job I can imagine. I really, thoroughly enjoy what I do every day and I think everyone else here does as well. One thing that I thought was missing was our chance to use our customer base and reach to help people in the world who have much bigger problems than a motorcycle project to complete. We started earlier this year by donating the full sale price of our Winged Wheel Patch and the proceeds from the Moto Mouse T-Shirt to charity. We decided to take it a step further and the last month or so; when checking out on our site you may have noticed the 'Charity' section asking you to round your order total up to the nearest dollar figure, donating your spare change to a choice of two charities, Room to Read or Donor's Choose. You stepped up and we raised about $750 in the first month with this new program!

We are currently supporting two educational charities, and will switch it up occasionally to help support different causes. The idea behind education is it empowers young people to do something with their life and rise above their means, to take care of themselves and their families. Donor's Choose supports U.S. public schools, teachers can put up requests for donations for a variety of things their class room might need to help give the students a more enjoyable and educational experience. For the month of July funds were donated to high-poverty locations to help buy elementary school students exercise equipment in Grand Rapids, Michigan, help with a purchase of an iPad for literacy and math skills for students in Siler City, NC, and to buy more books for children in Kyle, South Dakota. What is so cool is the photos above aren't of random kids, these are the actual children in the classrooms that Lowbrow's customers helped support.

Room to Read builds schools, reading rooms (libraries) and helps girl's get schooling in developing countries. In countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, South Africa and Zambia (just to name a few) public school isn't a choice, and in many areas there are no resources to teach children. Our goal this year is to raise $12,000 which will fund the construction of three reading rooms, stocked with local language books and a trained local librarian. So far we are at $4,707.01 raised and donated, so we are more than a third of the way there.

I am not writing this to pat ourselves on the back but to bring awareness. Help us meet the goal and help so many other people, next time you order from Lowbrow choose one of these charities to donate your spare change to.


Pat said...

noble work guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see this. You guys know what it's all about.