Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Salt Report

Set a record this morning at 120 mph, with a 117 average, upping the record I set yesterday morning by almost 9 mph. Did another run with my fairing, partially streamlined, and ran 116-1/2 mph for a qualifying run against the 109 record I set beginning of the week. The record run is at 7 am tomorrow and I aim to up my APS-VG record by 8 - 10 miles per hour.

Greg found large crack through my aluminum clip on handlebar mounts and we were able to get it welded up by the Speed Demon team, who had a TIG welder with them. Good thing Greg found it, if one of my bars broke off at speed I wouldn't be a happy camper.

Kyle ran 115.4, a bit shy of qualifying for a run for his record of 116.4 mph in the 650 c.c. APS-PG class. He aims to get a run in tomorrow morning to take advantage of the cool morning air.

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FlakeKings said...

Congrats so far and good luck the rest of the week for record improvements still to come!