Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1955 Triumph Salt Flat Racer Dyno Run

Myself, Todd, and our friend Greg made it over to Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph today to give my 1955 Triumph pre unit land speed motorcycle a go on the dyno. Stan was the man at the helm and due to his personal passion of vintage motorcycle GP racing and vintage bikes in general, he was likely the best suited dyno operator I was going to find to do some pulls on my bike. Check out the video above of a couple of pulls, your motorcycle sounds much louder in a small room when it isn't going anywhere, yikes!

I learned quite a bit from the few hours spent this morning, and have a follow up booked for this weekend to try and glean the last bit of horsepower I can from my Triumph before leaving for Bonneville Speed Week next Thursday!

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Keten said...

Any info on that hardtail? i want it