Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Front Page News in Medina, Ohio

Our local paper, The Medina Gazette, featuring the highest distribution rate in the United States just behind the New York Times, featured some dapper gentlemen racing their motorbikes on the cover of today's issue. OK well maybe the Gazette isn't quite that big, but we were pretty stoked on them covering our Salt Flats endeavors thanks to Greg's call to them with a tip on the story and even putting it as front page news. Maybe I will get recognized when I go to Chipotle for lunch, hope hope. Thanks go out to Jon Glover of SLC for the photos!


SUMO said...

free sandwiches at the deli at least surely of internationally famous racers like your fine selves

Image1 said...

well deserved, see ya in a couple weeks @ the holeshot!