Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haifley Bros. Bates-Inspired Solo Seats & Pillions

The Haifley Bros. are Doug & Kelly Haifley, and they churn out radical custom rod & bike work at their shop in Phoenix, Arizona. I had some email correspondence with them previously, and didn't realize I was drinking tequila with Kelly Haifley down in San Felipe, Mexico on the El Diablo Run earlier this year until in my drunken haze my mind finally put together the facts that the guy I was drinking with was named Kelly and he was wearing a Haifley Bros. hat.

Apparently Kelly introduced himself to me the night before, but after some rapid-fire tequila shots with Jeff from Street Chopper I was doing my best to stand up and didn't remember the initial conversation with Kelly which apparently ended with me bumming a smoke off of him. The whole point of this story is that Haifley Bros. products are top-notch, made in Phoenix, Arizona, by some cool dudes who walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. Get yours today.

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