Monday, November 1, 2010

Limies & Krauts... what gives?

Kattie wrote me an email, and the subject was Limies and Krauts... what gives? Well, yes we do a lot of Brit bikes, but we don't discriminate; Brit, metric, American, homebuilt....we love em all! For you Kattie above is a knucklehead I love built by Shinya Kimura.

If you guys want to see more American bikes featured on our blog or in the customer gallery send some pics in! Good pics are a must, crapy cell phone pics won't fly, and a little info on the bikes and what you did always helps! You can send them to

Also keep an eye out for Weidro #1, the new catalog/zine we have been working on for over a month, we just got the proof and man it's rad, it also features several customer bikes from the pics you guys send in! We plan on doing two of these a year so if you didn't make this one or know about it you'll have another chance! Cheers, Kyle


Unkl Ian said...

Shinya is brilliant.

evan said...

hot girls used to give me butterflies. Shinya's bikes are about the only thing that still does that to me.

Friar said...

Nice bike, but Kattie should be spelled with a C.

Anonymous said...

No, i just said i want to see bikes from here in the U.S. They are cool bikes but not customized here.
- Kattie with a K (: